Monday, February 16, 2009

The Coton Book by Eli De Luca -standard FCI

For more information see "The Coton Book by Eli De Luca"

Chapter One: Tracing the Origin of the Coton
Chapter Two: Description
Chapter Three: Temperament and Personality
Chapter Four: Taking care of your young Coton
Chapter Five: Taking care of an adult Coton
Chapter Six: Dog Shows
Chapter Seven: Cotons around the World

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Sau Wai said...


I got this book when I first got my Coton and the photos are sooo lovely! :-)

I've been looking for a book called 'Care and Grooming of the Coton de Tulear' by Monique Carriere but have so far not been able to buy it in the UK. Do you have any ideas?

Sau Wai