Friday, January 22, 2010

Rabies says at 16 weeks...but breeders tell me wait!

I have been doing a lot of research regarding the rabies shot. I think I could spend a lot of nights checking all of google listings on this topic...thank god for google. A friend of mine a long time breeder referred me to the website of Dr. W. Jean Dodds who has a schedule that recommends 20 weeks or older. My vet suggested 16 weeks. However after speaking with several breeders they say to hold off on giving the rabies shot up to a year. I would really appreciate some feedback here. As I continue to learn through living experience and this is my first litter I am trying to be cautious. When it directly relates to the LONG term health of the puppy I do not believe we can be too careful but also would like to follow my vets guidelines. I expect that he wouldn't have an issue with waiting a few weeks but somehow expect that he would take issue to me wanting to wait a year. Ultimately the final decision is mine when it is one of my dogs but now I am having to pass on advise to those who purchase my puppies. So if you are so inclined to offer some thoughts here I would greatly appreciate hearing what you have to say.


Penny said...

My vet wants me to have the rabies shot given at the same time my Coton, (Cotonnerie)Chanel, is spayed. She was supposed to have had that done last week - at 5 months - but had a bit of a temperature. I don't like the idea of her getting the shot at the same time as the surgery, so will be interested to hear what others think.

Also, I'm now putting off the surgery for 3 weeks, which means she'll be nearly 6 months old. Am I cutting it too close to her going into heat?

Sonya Paterson said...

My little Kitasoo didn't go into heat until she was 9 months old.

Penny & Chanel said...

Thanks, Sonya. That makes me feel much better about waiting. (I can't get a dog tag before she's spayed - unless I pay extra for it. A thought....)