Sunday, February 21, 2010

Esprit de Tulear Spirit Bear

Here is Esprit de Tulear Spirit Bear ( Cody)
Father of the puppies, I weighed him at the vets yesterday he is 5.2 Kg or 11.44 lbs. A lot of soft Coton hair but a small dog underneath. Cody is my first Coton and they say that once you get a Coton it means you need to get another. They are the funniest dog I have ever had and very loving. Have you ever seen a dog kiss another dog... my Coton's kiss each other. Well they lick their lips. They run very fast and jump up onto a chair with a is not a leap but a BOING. They love to play with squeaky toys.. and it is very common to be in another room and to hear the toy squeaking away. Cody lays on his back with the toy in the air going squeak squeak squeak...well you get the idea.

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