Thursday, February 25, 2010

A NEW product by Nature's Specialties Mfg. has recently reduced my grooming stress level 100%. After using the EZ-deMatt and having great success with it I decided to visit the website to learn more about their product line. Good timing as it turns out as they had this wonderful new product called Plum-Tastic. Since using this I have managed to bath and groom my Cody without experiencing the horrific effects of my unprofessional grooming techniques usually ending up with a few matts and having to take him to the groomer to correct my disaster. more. I have now given him at least 6 successful bathing experiences from beginning to end...NO MATTS. This product is highly concentrated and you need to add very little to one quart of water. I pour this mixture over my dog while he is in his dog washing bathtub and afterwards scoop up the mixture from the tub and pour over him. I then take my bathing brush and brush from top down and squish the solution well into his hair.
Product comments from the website state:
This exceptionally rich blend of conditioners, essential nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, silk proteins plus the anti-oxidant value of the Acai Berry has a unique experience in store for your pet. The synergy by combining the conditioning and moisture binding qualities of these ingredients help strengthen, revitalize and energize depleted, stressed hair and help prevent dehydration of the skin and coat. Plus the added anti-oxidant protection and the long lasting pleasant scent insures only the best you can give your pet.
My experience and results using these products included less static, a coat that is softer but still full, not weighted down by conditioner, less breakage when blow drying. I highly recommend this product.

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