Saturday, February 20, 2010

Personal grooming product recommendations

All new Coton owners know the prayer.. Please God let me wake up tomorrow and not find matts...second prayer...Please god teach me how to not get matts! I have had my own experiences with matts mostly with my male Cody and it was not pleasant. Having no one to consult with locally, and talking with groomers who had never heard of a Coton de Tulear it took me a while to figure out how to groom my Coton's. When my male Cody turned one year his coat changed from puppy coat to adult coat practically overnight...I heard that it could be challenging but hearing about it and being prepared are two different things. This experience was one of the reason's I started my Coton de Tulear Facebook Group that has over 1300 Coton owners from around the world today. I needed to connect with other owners of Coton de Tulear's. I knew their was something that I was doing wrong and I needed to find out what it was.
I believe my mistake was OVER conditioning and also using a shampoo too rich that also was not being rinsed out. So began my search for the ultimate shampoo and conditioner... perhaps you never stop searching because you have many things to satisfy when cleaning a Coton. First you need to find how to keep them white...white shampoos can be drying so then you feel you need to condition and if you over condition on come the matts... and let's not even go to the subject of the yellow that comes from urine on male dogs..we will leave that for another day...ALL of these issues can be easily resolved if you just find a good product and second of all if you use it CORRECTLY.
This past year I found Natures Specialties products. I couldn't be happier. The only person who is not so happy would be my groomer who I am visiting way less because I can finally do my Coton's myself and end up with not ONE matt. This is huge....just ask my groomer who had to resolve several of my errors. All related to overusing product and not getting it out...also can be impossible to resolve if you are using the WRONG product... a product that is too rich.
EZ deMatt by Natures Specialties is actually a pre-wash product that you work into matts after you rinse your dog with water, here are their comments from their website on this product.
"This product is formulated to penetrate deep into even the most difficult matts, giving you the ability to break them up easily without over stressing your dog...or YOU. The revitalizing blend of vitamins, proteins, amino acids and conditioners we use are known for their ability to de-tangle, repair, strengthen and bond to the damaged hair giving your pets coat that healthy look and feel. "
This product has given me the confidence to groom my dog and not freak out if I should get a mat....because they are easily combed out and my dog is happier and so am I. For those of us who have a desire to show our dogs we know that a bad matt can be very damaging to our dogs coat and once taken out can leave a nasty hole in his/her coat. This is one of my new favorites, I will share with you some more in the coming days. Please feel free to post your comments about your favorite products.


Sara said...

Thanks for the advice! My Coton is seven months old and has just started getting matted hair; especially behind his ears. His hair is so thick it doesn't really show when I cut them out, but I still feel like a bad mommy. I will have to do a search for that product!

Sonya Paterson said...

Hi Sara, the right brush is important as well. Use your fingers and break the matts. It is better to do this than cut them out..if you just can't break them up with your fingers....try a soft slicker brush...gently behind the ears...if that doesn't work...take a small flea comb and break away at the matt...really it is better than cutting them out. Cut should be very very last resort. AS the short hair comes back it can also easily matt. Wetting the matts makes them worse. You can take EZ deMatt and dilute it down and spray a little on the matt and blow it dry and then try a slicker brush..GENTLY to work it out. Again..trial and error will help to overcome this.

Sara said...

Thank you for the advice! I will try harder to brush him every day so that this doesn't happen again. The problem is he sometimes thinks getting his hair brushed is a wrestling game, and I don't want to pin him down because I want him to enjoy his grooming experience. I haven't found a groomer around here that can groom Cotons properly - the one I went to last week left the matts in! Argh. I think I will have to purchase that book you are suggesting as well!

Anonymous said...

What shampoo do you recommend?

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. When describing my matting issues with other long haired (but not Coton) dog owners, they've recommended MORE conditioner! I've been curious to try a dematting product, but my fear is that it's too out of control at this point.

Diana Hamer said...

Can you recommend a shampoo and conditioner for a Coton?