Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sherpa Bag for airline travel.

Small - for pets up to 8 lbs. Model #55533
Dim: 15" D x 10" W x 8.5" H, Weight: 2.72 lbs.
Medium - for pets up to 16 lbs. Model #55233
Dim: 18" D x 11" W x 10.5" H, Weight: 2.87 lbs.
Large - for pets up to 22 lbs. Model #55513
Dim: 20" D x 11.75" W x 11.5" H, Weight: 3.01 lbs.

I often get asked about traveling with a Coton on the plane. The most important purchase to support your dogs comfort and travelling experience is the dog carrier. It seems that Sherpa Pet Trading Company Carrier bags are preferred by most people I have spoken with. You can see more examples by visiting their website.

If this is your first time travelling on the plane you need to understand that your precious pooch must stay in the carrier for the extent of the trip. If you are taking a long flight speak to your vet about something to help him/her sleep. Don't forget to pack a little dish in your carry on bag for water. Some little chewie bones or a piece of raw hide will keep them happy until you land.

I don't suggest giving your dog a lot to eat as they can also get air sick, especially on the way down. Most dogs seem to sleep well on the plane. Don't give your dog a lot of water or food if you are flying early. It is better to be hungry, than to have a whimpering dog that needs to get out. A little dry dog bone should tide them over...nothing to heavy.

The Sherpa bag comes in many colors, designs and sizes.


Penny said...

HI Sonya, When I was a flight attendant with Air Canada (for 31 years), we were told dogs and cats should never be tranqillised for a flight. Just checked out BC Rescue.org to see if anyone else believes this. They do, and also recommend not feeding or watering the animal in-flight. They say dogs can go 10 hours without either.

When I brought 11 week old Chanel home from YUL, I did give her a bit of water and kibble, and by the time we landed, she had soaked through a tough puppy pee pad and threw up all over me in the terminal.

Sonya Paterson said...

From what I was told a dog should not be tranquillized if your dog is travelling as cargo below the plane. But if you are taking your dog on the plane my vet and friends vets have suggested a mild relaxer. It can be frustrating for a dog to spend a long flight in a Sherpa bag. So don't know what you were told for on the plane but I am going by my vets advise.

Penny said...

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) says: "For your pet's comfort, air travel on an almost empty stomach is usually recommended. The age and size of your pet, time and distance of the flight, and your pet's regular dietary routine will be considered when feeding recommendations are made. It is recommended that you not give tranquilizers to your pet when traveling by air because they can increase the risk of heart or respiratory problems."

They do not distinguish between in-cabin and in-hold travel, probably because both are pressurised to the same altitude, which is around 8,000ft. Drugs - and alcohol! - have very different effects at altitude than they do at sea level.

Not all airlines have the same regulations regarding the size of the dog carrier. Air Canada accepts hard and soft carriers:

Hard-sided: H 9 in x W15.5 in x L55 21.5 in
Soft-sided: H 10.5 in x W15.5 x L21.5 in

When travelling with a pet on board, remember to check the airline's website for regulations concerning pets in-flight: - e.g. how far in advance to register the pet with the airline. Most airlines have limits on how many can be carried in the cabin.

Bon voyage!

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Jeni Marie said...

So my Coton is 6 months old, and she's not quite 8 lbs yet, should I go with the small sherpa? our flight is only 2 hours long. Suggestions?

Melanie van Wijngaarden said...

I flew with a 5 month old coton 7.5 lbs in a medium Sherpa bag. When checking in, the attendant thought the bag was too small and the supervisor was called to clear her for the flight. In my opinion the bag was exactly the correct size, but I definitely not go smaller.

Selina Dorsey said...

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