Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Petego Sport Wagon

For those who show you know the challenge of carrying your dogs, your supplies, transporting from grooming area to show ring etc. I was really excited to learn about this great product from Igor Setina
These are his dogs, Zoey and Fiona who are experiencing the benefits of their new special Coton transportation devise, purchased for them as a reward for making their owners feel very special at the World Dog Show in Denmark.

After a little Google search I found the product is manufactured in the USA by Petego. When you visit the website you can click on link to the Sport Wagon Grooming Kit to see the attachable table for the top. You also see they have a carrier bag for when it is folded up. For those who live in the Netherlands Igor provided me this link for purchasing there. Well, I can't live without one, hopefully by the fall dog show I will be transporting Cody, Kitasoo and Lousha around in one too. If not... by fall..there is always Christmas...Santa are you listening?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mayonnaise Coton Wrap anyone?

Years ago when I FRIED and I mean FRIED my hair. My mother told me to give myself a mayonnaise treatment. I thought it sounded strange, but my mother lived through the dirty 30's and knew lots of interesting home remedies, so I tried it. Slapped the mayonnaise on my hair, wrapped it in Saran wrap for half an hour....and guess worked. My hair was not frizzy and very manageable, I was a happy girl.

So...yesterday I decided to try this on my Coton. Yes, poor Cody Kermode was the victim of my experiment. I'm happy to say, he liked the smell, didn't bother me if he licked it off his mustache. Hellman's was in my fridge so that became the experimental product of choice. I think I will check other brands and ingredients before I do it again however after doing more research on Hellman's website after grooming my dog with it, to research if they recommend it for dog's hair conditioning....I see they have a product using Olive Oil so may very well give that a try.

The good news is....he feels great! I think it even helped take some of the yellow on his belly out. I didn't wrap him in Saran wrap, didn't have enough in the house but will do so next time. I think I will give this experiment another try in a few weeks. The hot sun is hard on the coats and Cody's seemed dry, maybe I am too fussy...but this mayonnaise idea kept coming into my head every time I looked at him so I finally relented and tried it. His ears and tail feel particularly lovely. His sides blow in the wind. I am happy. Anyone else tried this. He looked so good I thought I could slap a couple of tomatoes on him and two slices of bread and have a Coton mayonnaise sandwich....just joke....☺

Friday, July 2, 2010

Car Seat for doggies

Have you bought your dog seat yet? I am really happy that my Facebook friend Sara Johnston
who owns Alfie, who you saw proudly showing his Doggles in a previous posting has sent me this info regarding a Pet Car Booster Seat. I have received several emails asking about the car seat after seeing photo's of Alfie in his. Thank you to Sara for sending me this information, now I can share with you this link to purchase a seat from Petsmart for your Coton. I am definately going to be searching this out.

I am sure that several of you have the same experience as me, Coton jumpers in the car. Back to front, back to front...bark at the dog outside. Not safe at all. Ever since my girlfriend was in a car accident and I saw what happened to her when the airbag went off I don't allow my dogs to ride in my arms anymore. I know, I know a bad habit...but I do not do it anymore. I couldn't imagine having an accident and having my poor dog whammed by an airbag. Anyways if someone has another product they would like to recommend feel free to email me at
Thank you! ☺