Friday, July 2, 2010

Car Seat for doggies

Have you bought your dog seat yet? I am really happy that my Facebook friend Sara Johnston
who owns Alfie, who you saw proudly showing his Doggles in a previous posting has sent me this info regarding a Pet Car Booster Seat. I have received several emails asking about the car seat after seeing photo's of Alfie in his. Thank you to Sara for sending me this information, now I can share with you this link to purchase a seat from Petsmart for your Coton. I am definately going to be searching this out.

I am sure that several of you have the same experience as me, Coton jumpers in the car. Back to front, back to front...bark at the dog outside. Not safe at all. Ever since my girlfriend was in a car accident and I saw what happened to her when the airbag went off I don't allow my dogs to ride in my arms anymore. I know, I know a bad habit...but I do not do it anymore. I couldn't imagine having an accident and having my poor dog whammed by an airbag. Anyways if someone has another product they would like to recommend feel free to email me at
Thank you! ☺


Anonymous said...

one thing to add...we have harnesses with extra cushion on the chest area that can be attached to a strap that loops around the seat belt in the back seat of my car. after being hit, spun around & then doing 1 full revolution in the air (thank goodness no one was injured), it made me think about what was available for my dogs' protection, so this harness is what I have gone with so that they are as strapped in as me - 1, to protect them from being tossed around / out of the car & 2, to protect me / my husband since a dog flying through the air (gruesome & sickening thought) could do a lot of damage to a person...our dogs are quite comfortable in their harnesses & as long as they're belted in, I don't worry about them.

just my 2 cents...

Anonymous said...

I have been using a car seat harness for my Coton boys for over 8 years. They know when the harnesses come out that we are going in the car. Each knows their side of the car and God forbid you mix it up! I have answered many questions from passers by who have noticed me belting my boys in their seats. I can't stress enough the importance of keeping them safe and secure.

Wendy, Ozzie and ZaZu (the boys)

Adams Young said...

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