Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mayonnaise Coton Wrap anyone?

Years ago when I FRIED and I mean FRIED my hair. My mother told me to give myself a mayonnaise treatment. I thought it sounded strange, but my mother lived through the dirty 30's and knew lots of interesting home remedies, so I tried it. Slapped the mayonnaise on my hair, wrapped it in Saran wrap for half an hour....and guess worked. My hair was not frizzy and very manageable, I was a happy girl.

So...yesterday I decided to try this on my Coton. Yes, poor Cody Kermode was the victim of my experiment. I'm happy to say, he liked the smell, didn't bother me if he licked it off his mustache. Hellman's was in my fridge so that became the experimental product of choice. I think I will check other brands and ingredients before I do it again however after doing more research on Hellman's website after grooming my dog with it, to research if they recommend it for dog's hair conditioning....I see they have a product using Olive Oil so may very well give that a try.

The good news is....he feels great! I think it even helped take some of the yellow on his belly out. I didn't wrap him in Saran wrap, didn't have enough in the house but will do so next time. I think I will give this experiment another try in a few weeks. The hot sun is hard on the coats and Cody's seemed dry, maybe I am too fussy...but this mayonnaise idea kept coming into my head every time I looked at him so I finally relented and tried it. His ears and tail feel particularly lovely. His sides blow in the wind. I am happy. Anyone else tried this. He looked so good I thought I could slap a couple of tomatoes on him and two slices of bread and have a Coton mayonnaise sandwich....just joke....☺


Anonymous said...

How long did you leave it in? Did it rinse out easily enough?

Anonymous said...

Yes...I am a "human hair stylist", and I have recommend this, along with warmed "olive oil wrap"...So, Hellmans "olive oil" mayo could work even better!

Sonya Paterson said...

Thank you for the info. I left it on for about 10 minutes, it rinsed out very easily. After rinsing I used Dr. Bronner's natural Almond Liquid Soap. So it naturally takes everything out while naturally conditioning the hair with the natural oils. I like this natural shampoo very much, it is very good for humans and equally good for dogs, as it is 100% natural.

Sonya Paterson said...

I have found a wonderful recipe for a natural hair conditioner using Rose petals and warm olive oil and a few other indgredients. I am going to make some this week and use it on my little Kitasoo, as I think she should smell like roses.