Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Petego Sport Wagon

For those who show you know the challenge of carrying your dogs, your supplies, transporting from grooming area to show ring etc. I was really excited to learn about this great product from Igor Setina
These are his dogs, Zoey and Fiona who are experiencing the benefits of their new special Coton transportation devise, purchased for them as a reward for making their owners feel very special at the World Dog Show in Denmark.

After a little Google search I found the product is manufactured in the USA by Petego. When you visit the website you can click on link to the Sport Wagon Grooming Kit to see the attachable table for the top. You also see they have a carrier bag for when it is folded up. For those who live in the Netherlands Igor provided me this link for purchasing there. Well, I can't live without one, hopefully by the fall dog show I will be transporting Cody, Kitasoo and Lousha around in one too. If not... by fall..there is always Christmas...Santa are you listening?

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