Saturday, October 23, 2010

Esprit de Tulear Spirit Bear and Spirit Bear Kitasoo have babies!

Very exciting to have puppies. Born September 21, 2010. My second litter.  This time I was much more hands on. It is only my second litter but I managed well, thanks also to my friend Gloria who came over half an hour before Kitasoo delivered the first puppy.

Everything went well, only 35 minutes apart and soon they were nursing on mommy. The little girl is named Spirit Bear Hartley, she is the one with the more obvious markings and the little boy is named Spirit Bear Hunter. 

My website is in the works and soon I will be able to show case my dogs and puppies on stay tuned. My blog will be linked to my website. 

All is good in the Paterson household... puppies are very calm, enjoying spending their days playing and moving very well for four and a half weeks old as of October 23, 2010. Yesterday the little boy stood up on his back legs when my husband came in to see them after work. I was in the office when I heard the door alarm to let me know my husband had entered the house and one of the puppies barked. Guard dog I guess! 

So stay tuned for more photo's...oh ok I will post one more photo! Here is little sweet is this!

I have to go shopping this weekend to see if I can find the perfect Halloween costumes for them.. I hope I am successful.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coton de Tulear Comprehensive Owner's Guide

This is a book I recommend for every owner of a Coton de Tulear. It is not expensive and it has a lot of very valuable information. I really enjoy it. Makes a great coffee table book that you will find your guests picking up to read!
Product Description
An exciting "new" bichon breed of ancient origins, the Coton de Tuléar hails from the island nation of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and is as unique as its homeland. Adorned with a "cotton-like" coat, from which the breed derives its name, the Coton de Tuléar makes a distinctive companion dog, prized around the world for its intelligence, beauty and hardiness.

This Special Rare-Breed Edition dedicated to the Coton de Tuléar is the only book of its kind about this unique breed and a much-needed resource for new owners and all fanciers who love and admire this lovely Madagascan jewel. 

Written by long-time breed fancier Wolfgang Knorr, this book provides insightful chapters on breed history, characteristics of the breed, as well as puppy selection, house-training, obedience training, health care and showing. Illustrated with over 135 full-color photographs, the book proves to be as attractive as it is informative and is a must for everyone interested in this delightful rare breed.

Purchase your copy from here