Monday, September 5, 2011

Our newest addition "Gabby"

We have been invited to our dear friends Tonia and Blair's house for a barbecue. Such an occasion was a good excuse to purchase a new dress for Gabby.  I was so excited to be presenting my new puppy from France I wanted to introduce Gabby to my friends in style. Just in case you are wondering the pockets do work. Gabby is an extremely calm girl, I have no worries taking her anywhere. She sits patiently by me where ever I go. We are learning to walk on the leash. Soon we will start puppy handling classes and then off to the dog shows in the New Year. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gabby, Sassy and Cuteberry!

Gabby, Sassy and Cuteberry
Gossip Girl des Jardins de Gossypium "Gabby" our newest addition is on the left she comes from France. The other two are my puppies from Esprit de Tulear Spirit Bear "Cody" and Polana Kitasoo Spirit Bear and Morning Song Spirit Bear "Sassy" and our famous Spirit Bear Cuteberry.. very special little Coton
Cuteberry...she may be small but she is precious!
The three puppies love each other like siblings... it is a lot of fun...but I am ready to say good night to them at the end of the day! I look forward to showing Gabby in a few months. Sassy has a wonderful family waiting for her in Toronto, she leaves Langley September 2. Oh we will miss this precious little girl who is so full of positive energy. A very happy puppy.   

Gossip Girl des Jardins de Gossypium

Introducing our newest member of our Coton family!
Gossip Girl des Jardins de Gossypium

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to travel to Brussels Belgium to meet with Gabby's breeder Lydie Vincent and her husband Fred. Lydie's kennel is in France Elevage des Jardins de Gossypium but recommended meeting in Brussels. Though my trip was short I was able to take a tour of Brussels on a tour bus and really enjoyed this city it's food and culture. I returned home August 8, 2011 with my newest teddy bear Coton puppy. We are thrilled to have her and grateful to Lydie for entrusting us with her precious puppy. 

SUPER EZ DeMATT by Nature's Specialties


This product is specially formulated to penetrate deep into even the most difficult mats, giving you the ability to break them up easily without overstressing your pet (and yourself. The revitalizing blend of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and conditioners we use are known for their ability to detangle, repair, strengthen and bond to the damaged hair giving your pets coat that healthy look and feel.
Contains: blend of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and conditioners.

I highly recommend Super EZ DeMatt by Nature's Specialties! It has really made my life easier. It is best used after you comb out all knots and then soak you dog in this product as a pre-bath. A good half hour soothing soak will help get that added moisuture back into your dogs coat and help with future breakage. It is great!

Quicker Slicker - De-tangling and Conditioning Spray

This is one of my most recent finds.. and I love it!

Quicker Slicker-De-tangling and Conditioning Spray

This easy to use conditioning, dematting and detangling spray has been the top choices of professional groomers for over 20 years.  Simply spray lightly to make brushing out your pet before a bath easier or use a little extra and work in to those heavier mats then brush them out.  Groomers love how they can mist a damp coat after bath and it cuts the brushing and drying time in half while leaving your pet soft, silky and smelling delicious.Contains: a blend of conditioners with high quality of enematic silicon, Ph balanced with a delicious smelling fragrance


Another of my favorite products and another Nature's Specialties Product. 
Professional groomers’ choose this shampoo for its great color enhancing ability that brightens any color of coat from white to black. This concentrated deep cleaning shampoo also contains Aloe Vera and Panthenol to help soothe and add moisture to the skin and coat. Excellent for all breeds and is also safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks of age and may be used on other small animals.Contains: an optical brightener with aloe vera, Jojoba oil, panthenol, and vitamins A, D, and E. 
As my own personal comments what I like about this product is that I do not find that it dries the coat, it truly brightens the white and it is Bio-degradable and non-toxic. 

Nature's Specialties Mfg Plum-Tastic

A NEW product by Nature's Specialties Mfg. has recently reduced my grooming stress level 100%. After first using Nature's Specialties  EZ-deMatt and having great success with it I decided to visit the website to learn more about their product line. Good timing as it turns out as they had this wonderful new product called Plum-Tastic
Since I started using this I have managed to bath and groom my Cody without experiencing the horrific effects of my unprofessional grooming techniques usually ending up with a few matts and having to take him to the groomer to correct my disaster. more. I have now given him at least 6 successful bathing experiences from beginning to end...NOMATTS. This product is highly concentrated and you need to add very little to one quart of water. I pour this mixture over my dog while he is in his dog washing bathtub and afterwards scoop up the mixture from the tub and pour over him. I then take my bathing brush and brush from top down and squish the solution well into his hair. My experience and results using these products included less static, a coat that is softer but still full, not weighted down by conditioner, less breakage when blow drying. I highly recommend this product.
Product comments from the website are as follows:
This exceptionally rich blend of conditioners, essential nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, silk proteins plus the anti-oxidant value of the Acai Berry has a unique experience in store for your pet. The synergy by combining the conditioning and moisture binding qualities of these ingredients help strengthen, revitalize and energize depleted, stressed hair and help prevent dehydration of the skin and coat. Plus the added anti-oxidant protection and the long lasting pleasant scent insures only the best you can give your pet.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

PISH pads - an environmental solution

Another interesting find this week...  a washable pee pee pad called the PISH PAD. They appear to be an environmentally friendly solution to the disposable pee pee pads. 

The Pish Pad is a combination of 3 materials bonded together to make your life easier. The top layer is a quick absorbing, non staining material. Once the surface is made wet, the liquid is contained in one area and quickly disappears as it gets pulled down into the second layer keeping your dog dry. The middle layer is called the ‘soaker’ which collects the liquid and holds it in and away from your dog. The bottom layer is a plastic urethane barrier that protects the surface underneath the pad from getting wet or stained. It securely adheres to almost any surface yet is fully removable for your temporary needs without leaving any residue. 

The top layer makes the Pish Pads ideal for exercising long coated breeds as it will not grab, pull or rip the ends of the hair. Your dog is able to relieve itself and still walk on the surface without getting wet or having the ends of the hair stained. It is a surface that a dog can exercise on without slipping or tripping. Check out their website to learn more!

Rover Pet Enclosures...the ultimate puppy heaven!

I have been looking at these  pet enclosures for some time after seeing the set up belonging to my Coton friend  Susan Hallums of Bluebell Cotons from the USA. She has so many pieces and designs it is an amazing little world for her puppies. What I like about this design is that it is obvious that these will not scratch either my tile or hardwood floors. They are extremely easy to assemble. You can have a open design like this one or  you order the ultimate whelping pen box which looks like the second image posted below. Both designs have their purpose and I can see how they would make a breeders job that much easier. See the following info taken from the website of Rover Company and check out some of their other great products.

Rover Company Dog Enclosures
Rover Enclosure Pens are made entirely of vinyl plastic, and with good reason. We feel that this heavy-duty industrial strength PVC is far superior to any other material used to make pens and many pet products. That is why we applied for, and were granted, approval for a patent on our products.

The vinyl plastic that we use has a very high “Strength to Weight” ratio. You might be amazed as to how strong and durable our products are and yet pleasantly surprised that they are so light in weight.
Our pet enclosures are some of the best on the market.
  • Our dog cages provide unmatched resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and UV degradation.
  • Our PVC exercise pens will not rust, rot, or peel like other materials.
  • Our PVC dog cages will not cause pet coat discoloration, hair lose, breakage, or skin irritations.
  • These dog play pens will not harm your pet’s teeth.
Simply stated, our Rover Enclosures are the safest pens for your pets.

Les Poochs Brush... OMG a must have!

Well...I had heard about these "Les Poochs"  brushes for a while. I do not know why it took me so long to get one but a very kind friend of mine from the USA sent me the Lime Green Brush and I cannot imagine life without it. It is fabulous! I am told by several breeders of Coton's that they ALSO have the red one. And feel their is benefits in owning both. So I am going to have to order a red one too...but their are two red ones...have to look into that which one of the two red ones is recommended! 

Pro Brush (M/M/S)
(Medium/Medium Bristles with Soft Flex)
Les Poochs Fragrances

A breakthrough in brush technology, these flexible headed brushes glide through the toughest of mats without damage to your pet's coat. Ergonomically designed to reduce strain to the arm and wrist alleviating Repetitive Motion Syndrome (R.M.S). Available in two sizes: Regular for dogs 2 LBS to 40 LBS, and wide for dogs 40 LBS and up.

Tropic Clean Puppy Shampoo

This is my personal favorite puppy shampoo!!
Formulated to be soothing and mild for pets with allergies. Cleans the dirtiest pets while remaining mild enough for use on puppies and kittens. Routine bathing leaves the skin and coat soft, shiny, and looking great.
Available in: 20oz Retail Size, 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon Professional Sizes

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tropic Clean Products

Tropic Clean products

Awapuhi White Shampoo 

White Coat Enhancer

Awapuhi White's unique whitening formula gently cleans and conditions while making your pet's coat whiter and brighter. Rich botanical conditioners create a healthy sheen while preventing dry skin and tangled hair. Natural protein highlights all colors naturally. Awapuhi White makes your pet's coat show white.

Available in: 20oz Retail Size, 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon Professional Sizes

There are many products out there that breeders will recommend... many are available only over the internet or at dog shows. This is a product that I have found at my local pet store. It is all NATURAL and it is really amazing. This is the whitening shampoo that really works.  I also like the Berry Clean Shampoo for general cleaning and highly recommend the Puppy Shampoo.  I have spent a fortune on high end products and these products have greatly impressed me. Give them a try, let me know what you think!  I do not get paid for any endorsement of products on my blog...they are recommended from my own testing. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spirit Bear Lil Cuteberry Angel

My Lil Cuteberrry Angel has now reached 8 3/8 ounces and is growing every day. At four ounces she was the smallest and has required considerable care. 

I am now tube feeding her 10 cc no less than four times a day. Lot's of addition care for one particular puppy results in a special bonding between you and the puppy. She is a real beauty....and strong spirited. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spirit Bear Coton Puppies

Spirit Bear Coton's is pleased to announce our newest additions have arrived. Born in the early morning of May 28, 2011 to Esprit de Tulear Spirit Bear (Cody) and Polana Kitasoo Spirit Bear. As does happen from time to time we have a small one...born at 4 ounces she has taken her time to grow...the other two are fat chubby little bundles of Coton beauty. 

Sometimes I take a few days to name the puppies but these little bundles of joy were given names that morning. The first born little girl I named Spirit Bear Morning Song as she came out singing.

The next born, a boy that I named Spirit Bear Sunrise (I call him Sunny) and the third the smallest and oh so cute I named Lil Cuteberry. 

Now two weeks old she is just under 7 ounces and the other two are tipping the scales over a pound and a half. I am excited to have these beautiful little treasures and looking forward to watching them grow and fluff out!! ♥

You can see more photo's on my Spirit Bear Coton's Facebook Fan page 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to register your Coton to show in Canada

CFC & CKC Registration 

When the Coton de Tulear was first introduced in Canada, the only Canadian registry available at that time was the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). Being a new breed, the Coton was not recognized by the CKC, and because of this we were not allowed to register litters of Coton de Tulear with them.

The Canine Federation of Canada (CFC) is a pure breed registery governed by the Animal Pedigree act and under the umbrella of Agriculture Canada just as the Canadian Kennel Club is. At the present time they are the only registery in Canada able to issue purebred registration papers for the Coton de Tulear. They are a small organization which recognizes several "Rare Breeds". The registration requirements are similar between the CKC and the CFC, and complete historical records and stud books are maintained by both as well. The CFC adopted the very first official description or "standard" governing the appearance of the Coton de Tulear in Canada. 

The CFC used the standard written by the FCI. For more information on this registery you can check out the web page at

Dogs registered with the CFC will receive a certificate of registration. A pedigree for each dog registered with the CFC is also retained on record in the Canine Federation of Canada Stud Book, Canadian Livestock Records Corporation.

It is also possible to register a Coton de Tulear in the Toy category of the Canadian Kennel Club. A Coton registered with this organization will receive Certification. This document, which is only a registration number (no pedigree), must not be represented as a Certificate of Registration or Certificate of Identification as defined in the Animal Pedigree Act. With this certification, it is possible to compete with your Coton in conformation, flyball, obedience shows, and obtain a championship for the dog. (TEXT ABOVE- from the website of the Coton de Tulear Club of Canada.)

STEP TWO - Contact CKC to obtain info for membership application and also registration form to register your dog to show in Canada -

Sunday, March 20, 2011

O.M.G. Plush Puppy

Another one of my favorites is - 
O.M.G. Plush Puppy - Mulit purpose grooming spray. 

Multi Purpose Grooming Spray - 20:1Dilution
Multi Purpose Grooming Spray - repels dirt, completely water soluable and will not build up. Once you try it you will understand why we call it O.M.G.
20:1 dilutions is suitable for most needs.
How to apply: This ready to use spray can be applied directly to coat - no need for further dilution.
A revolutionary grooming spray combining all the aspects of latest technology with old fashioned common sense - it works!. Repels dirt. Completely water soluable. Will not build up. Effortless disentangler. Removes hair spray. Dilute to suit individual coat needs. If you wonder why we called it O.M.G, you will surely understand when you use it

Chris Christensen ICE on ICE - Many breeders favorite!

   Chris Christensen's ICE on ICE is a product that I see on the table of many Coton's breeders grooming tables. It is a preferred product.
 We all learn what we like by trying a products.
Also what works on one day may not work the next!
To get the best results be careful mixing products on a dogs coat
Meaning one day you use one grooming spray and the next something else.
 I try to use the same products between bathings.

Leave-in conditioning finishing spray & detangler with sunscreen.  
Repels dirt, dust, urine and pollutants that damage and break coat.  
Water soluble, can be added to final rinse.  
Adds elasticity and strength to the coat when brushing.
Available in 16oz. ready to use & 16oz. Concentrate (makes 2 gallons)

Quicker Slicker - De-tangling and Conditioning Spray

This is one of my most recent finds.. and I love it!

Quicker Slicker-De-tangling and Conditioning Spray

This easy to use conditioning, dematting and detangling spray has been the top choices of professional groomers for over 20 years.  Simply spray lightly to make brushing out your pet before a bath easier or use a little extra and work in to those heavier mats then brush them out.  Groomers love how they can mist a damp coat after bath and it cuts the brushing and drying time in half while leaving your pet soft, silky and smelling delicious.Contains: a blend of conditioners with high quality of enematic silicon, Ph balanced with a delicious smelling fragrance

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grooming your dog can cause De Quervain's Tenosynovitis

Ch Esprit de Tulear Spirit Bear
After a week of dealing with a lot of pain in my hand I have finally received the official result and advise regarding how to get better. I expect that will be a long process, particularly with the fact that I must continue to groom my dogs. So for those of your experiencing pain at the base of your thumb, try to pull your thumb and index finger together. If that is not comfortable or possible you may also have early stages of De Quervain's Tenosynovitis . Upon returning home I Googled and came up with some good information about what the article refers to as the disease and also about what I can do to get feeling better soon. During my searching I found a video on youtube that explains the symptoms very well. Here is another one that shows the test to determine if you have this. 
Here is another youtube video 4 minutes answering -
Should I have cortisone injections. 
This video also provides several excellent nutritional recommendations that important for your healing Lastly I found this youtube video of Dr. Jon Hernandez, a hand & wrist specialist at Coordinated Heath explains DeQuervains, Tenosynovitis or Tendonitis.
What is clear is that it is going to take me several weeks to recuperate and I must follow all the my doctor has recommended. Take my anti inflammatory medicine twice daily twelve hours apart. Ice four times a day. Keep my hand in a thumb spica splint. Make sure my husband washes all the dishes, laundry and brings me tea regularly. Ok... Doctor didn't say this but it sounds good. My biggest concern is that I must continue to groom my dogs. Hmmmm not sure how I am going to get around this one! ☺ 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coton's are "HEART" friendly!

Here we are in March. Time has passed by a little quickly. Some of you may have noticed I have not been posting...take note of my Merry Christmas posting in March....oh well... better late than never. 
Life took a curve in December when my husband David had a heart attack...wasn't in the plan and came out of the blue. Fortunately we did all the right things, noted the warning signs and went directly to the hospital. This resulted in many tests and the announcement that he would need by-pass surgery. 

Two weeks of sitting around the hospital wasn't easy but somehow we managed to maintain calm and find something to pass the time. Fortunately the hospital was very kind in allowing me to bring our Coton's to the hospital for a visit and as you can see in this photo David really enjoyed having his favorite little girl "Kitasoo" drop by for a visit. 

 Of course Kitasoo sparked conversation which resulted in lots of questions from patients and their visiting family members. Those of us who own a Coton know we never get sick of talking Coton!  The questions and interest to hold Kitasoo and Cody, discussion about their soft hair or amazement of how much hair definitely helped pass the time. 

Kitasoo doing what she does best!
Most people were surprised that the hospital allowed the dogs into the hospital but no one was  complaining as they really enjoyed spending time with our Coton's and receiving a few Coton kisses. 

The conversation generally evolved into patients sharing their personal stories with us about their dogs and of course how much they looked forward to seeing their pets when they returned home. thing for sure Coton's are "Heart friendly".

Merry Christmas from Spirit Bear Coton's♥

♥ From our house to your's ♥