Sunday, March 20, 2011

O.M.G. Plush Puppy

Another one of my favorites is - 
O.M.G. Plush Puppy - Mulit purpose grooming spray. 

Multi Purpose Grooming Spray - 20:1Dilution
Multi Purpose Grooming Spray - repels dirt, completely water soluable and will not build up. Once you try it you will understand why we call it O.M.G.
20:1 dilutions is suitable for most needs.
How to apply: This ready to use spray can be applied directly to coat - no need for further dilution.
A revolutionary grooming spray combining all the aspects of latest technology with old fashioned common sense - it works!. Repels dirt. Completely water soluable. Will not build up. Effortless disentangler. Removes hair spray. Dilute to suit individual coat needs. If you wonder why we called it O.M.G, you will surely understand when you use it

Chris Christensen ICE on ICE - Many breeders favorite!

   Chris Christensen's ICE on ICE is a product that I see on the table of many Coton's breeders grooming tables. It is a preferred product.
 We all learn what we like by trying a products.
Also what works on one day may not work the next!
To get the best results be careful mixing products on a dogs coat
Meaning one day you use one grooming spray and the next something else.
 I try to use the same products between bathings.

Leave-in conditioning finishing spray & detangler with sunscreen.  
Repels dirt, dust, urine and pollutants that damage and break coat.  
Water soluble, can be added to final rinse.  
Adds elasticity and strength to the coat when brushing.
Available in 16oz. ready to use & 16oz. Concentrate (makes 2 gallons)

Quicker Slicker - De-tangling and Conditioning Spray

This is one of my most recent finds.. and I love it!

Quicker Slicker-De-tangling and Conditioning Spray

This easy to use conditioning, dematting and detangling spray has been the top choices of professional groomers for over 20 years.  Simply spray lightly to make brushing out your pet before a bath easier or use a little extra and work in to those heavier mats then brush them out.  Groomers love how they can mist a damp coat after bath and it cuts the brushing and drying time in half while leaving your pet soft, silky and smelling delicious.Contains: a blend of conditioners with high quality of enematic silicon, Ph balanced with a delicious smelling fragrance

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grooming your dog can cause De Quervain's Tenosynovitis

Ch Esprit de Tulear Spirit Bear
After a week of dealing with a lot of pain in my hand I have finally received the official result and advise regarding how to get better. I expect that will be a long process, particularly with the fact that I must continue to groom my dogs. So for those of your experiencing pain at the base of your thumb, try to pull your thumb and index finger together. If that is not comfortable or possible you may also have early stages of De Quervain's Tenosynovitis . Upon returning home I Googled and came up with some good information about what the article refers to as the disease and also about what I can do to get feeling better soon. During my searching I found a video on youtube that explains the symptoms very well. Here is another one that shows the test to determine if you have this. 
Here is another youtube video 4 minutes answering -
Should I have cortisone injections. 
This video also provides several excellent nutritional recommendations that important for your healing Lastly I found this youtube video of Dr. Jon Hernandez, a hand & wrist specialist at Coordinated Heath explains DeQuervains, Tenosynovitis or Tendonitis.
What is clear is that it is going to take me several weeks to recuperate and I must follow all the my doctor has recommended. Take my anti inflammatory medicine twice daily twelve hours apart. Ice four times a day. Keep my hand in a thumb spica splint. Make sure my husband washes all the dishes, laundry and brings me tea regularly. Ok... Doctor didn't say this but it sounds good. My biggest concern is that I must continue to groom my dogs. Hmmmm not sure how I am going to get around this one! ☺ 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coton's are "HEART" friendly!

Here we are in March. Time has passed by a little quickly. Some of you may have noticed I have not been posting...take note of my Merry Christmas posting in March....oh well... better late than never. 
Life took a curve in December when my husband David had a heart attack...wasn't in the plan and came out of the blue. Fortunately we did all the right things, noted the warning signs and went directly to the hospital. This resulted in many tests and the announcement that he would need by-pass surgery. 

Two weeks of sitting around the hospital wasn't easy but somehow we managed to maintain calm and find something to pass the time. Fortunately the hospital was very kind in allowing me to bring our Coton's to the hospital for a visit and as you can see in this photo David really enjoyed having his favorite little girl "Kitasoo" drop by for a visit. 

 Of course Kitasoo sparked conversation which resulted in lots of questions from patients and their visiting family members. Those of us who own a Coton know we never get sick of talking Coton!  The questions and interest to hold Kitasoo and Cody, discussion about their soft hair or amazement of how much hair definitely helped pass the time. 

Kitasoo doing what she does best!
Most people were surprised that the hospital allowed the dogs into the hospital but no one was  complaining as they really enjoyed spending time with our Coton's and receiving a few Coton kisses. 

The conversation generally evolved into patients sharing their personal stories with us about their dogs and of course how much they looked forward to seeing their pets when they returned home. thing for sure Coton's are "Heart friendly".

Merry Christmas from Spirit Bear Coton's♥

♥ From our house to your's ♥