Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chris Christensen ICE on ICE - Many breeders favorite!

   Chris Christensen's ICE on ICE is a product that I see on the table of many Coton's breeders grooming tables. It is a preferred product.
 We all learn what we like by trying a products.
Also what works on one day may not work the next!
To get the best results be careful mixing products on a dogs coat
Meaning one day you use one grooming spray and the next something else.
 I try to use the same products between bathings.

Leave-in conditioning finishing spray & detangler with sunscreen.  
Repels dirt, dust, urine and pollutants that damage and break coat.  
Water soluble, can be added to final rinse.  
Adds elasticity and strength to the coat when brushing.
Available in 16oz. ready to use & 16oz. Concentrate (makes 2 gallons)

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