Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coton's are "HEART" friendly!

Here we are in March. Time has passed by a little quickly. Some of you may have noticed I have not been posting...take note of my Merry Christmas posting in March....oh well... better late than never. 
Life took a curve in December when my husband David had a heart attack...wasn't in the plan and came out of the blue. Fortunately we did all the right things, noted the warning signs and went directly to the hospital. This resulted in many tests and the announcement that he would need by-pass surgery. 

Two weeks of sitting around the hospital wasn't easy but somehow we managed to maintain calm and find something to pass the time. Fortunately the hospital was very kind in allowing me to bring our Coton's to the hospital for a visit and as you can see in this photo David really enjoyed having his favorite little girl "Kitasoo" drop by for a visit. 

 Of course Kitasoo sparked conversation which resulted in lots of questions from patients and their visiting family members. Those of us who own a Coton know we never get sick of talking Coton!  The questions and interest to hold Kitasoo and Cody, discussion about their soft hair or amazement of how much hair definitely helped pass the time. 

Kitasoo doing what she does best!
Most people were surprised that the hospital allowed the dogs into the hospital but no one was  complaining as they really enjoyed spending time with our Coton's and receiving a few Coton kisses. 

The conversation generally evolved into patients sharing their personal stories with us about their dogs and of course how much they looked forward to seeing their pets when they returned home. thing for sure Coton's are "Heart friendly".

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