Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spirit Bear Coton Puppies

Spirit Bear Coton's is pleased to announce our newest additions have arrived. Born in the early morning of May 28, 2011 to Esprit de Tulear Spirit Bear (Cody) and Polana Kitasoo Spirit Bear. As does happen from time to time we have a small one...born at 4 ounces she has taken her time to grow...the other two are fat chubby little bundles of Coton beauty. 

Sometimes I take a few days to name the puppies but these little bundles of joy were given names that morning. The first born little girl I named Spirit Bear Morning Song as she came out singing.

The next born, a boy that I named Spirit Bear Sunrise (I call him Sunny) and the third the smallest and oh so cute I named Lil Cuteberry. 

Now two weeks old she is just under 7 ounces and the other two are tipping the scales over a pound and a half. I am excited to have these beautiful little treasures and looking forward to watching them grow and fluff out!! ♥

You can see more photo's on my Spirit Bear Coton's Facebook Fan page 

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