Saturday, August 20, 2011

PISH pads - an environmental solution

Another interesting find this week...  a washable pee pee pad called the PISH PAD. They appear to be an environmentally friendly solution to the disposable pee pee pads. 

The Pish Pad is a combination of 3 materials bonded together to make your life easier. The top layer is a quick absorbing, non staining material. Once the surface is made wet, the liquid is contained in one area and quickly disappears as it gets pulled down into the second layer keeping your dog dry. The middle layer is called the ‘soaker’ which collects the liquid and holds it in and away from your dog. The bottom layer is a plastic urethane barrier that protects the surface underneath the pad from getting wet or stained. It securely adheres to almost any surface yet is fully removable for your temporary needs without leaving any residue. 

The top layer makes the Pish Pads ideal for exercising long coated breeds as it will not grab, pull or rip the ends of the hair. Your dog is able to relieve itself and still walk on the surface without getting wet or having the ends of the hair stained. It is a surface that a dog can exercise on without slipping or tripping. Check out their website to learn more!

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