Saturday, January 14, 2012

Red flag alert to Canadians looking for Coton de Tulears

Red Flag to Canadian buyers looking to purchase a Coton de Tulear  puppy.

Canadian buyers please be careful when considering purchasing a Coton de Tulear from websites selling puppies that are simply advertising brokered puppies. 

  • You should consider that websites offering to ship you a puppy from a long distance is not a normal ethical breeder's practice. 
  • You should consider that when importing a puppy into Canada you are subject to importing duties. You are always best to purchase from an ethical breeder.  
  • A website that does not list the name of the breeder or kennel name is likely a puppy broker whose sole purpose is to sell puppies. These puppies come from unknown sources, likely puppy mills or even worse puppy auctions. 
  • A website that states that the puppy has been health tested means very little if you do not know the health history of the parents. Serious health issues such as patella or hips cannot be determined until the puppy is one year old. Without knowing the history of the parents you could easily purchase a puppy with a serious genetic health issue that will not show up until the dog is older.
  • The purchaser in Canada has no guarantee of health protection being that puppy broker websites come and go. 
  • Should your puppy experience health issues at anytime either upon arrival or later in life you cannot be 100% certain that this company would replace a puppy. It is possible that you contact the company in six months and they no longer exist. Sadly sick puppies end up at the SPCA or put to sleep and the buyer is out of pocket for their financial investment.
A Canadian trying to recoup money from an out of country puppy broker website should consider these negative outcomes of making an out of country purchase through a puppy broker website vs. an ethical breeder who can provide you legitimate registration papers, parents pedigree and the health history of both parents etc.

To validate these concerns I would like to share with you a news broadcast on the Today See the YouTube news story here

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