Monday, February 6, 2012

#1 All Systems Pure White Lightening

Do you have challenges getting your dogs feet clean?
Do you have yellow urine stains on the belly?
Dirty mustaches?

This is one of the products that I have personally tired and had immediate results. I use this on my dogs feet and belly particularly just before showing because I can get the whitest results with this product. I do not use it on my dogs ENTIRE coat as I do not want to take the chance that it can be drying. Once you dry out a coat it can take months to gain back what you lost from a shampoo that drys out the coat. I have not taken the chance with this product because I think it is possible on a Coton coat to have that effect.

After using the shampoo I use an intense conditioner on the belly and the feet to be sure we have clean but soft hair on those areas. I have used this on the moustache with very positive results and again use a conditioner after apply and rinsing the shampoo. You must be very careful and not get this in your dogs eyes. This is not to be used on the muzzle by the inexperienced my opinion. Click on the link to learn more about #1 All Systems White Lightening 

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