Friday, February 17, 2012

Raw Diet transition going very well!

It's been about four months now since I made the decision to convert my dogs to a RAW diet. I did  it gradually and carefully. The transition has been 100% successful. No stomach issues or loose stools. Nothing worse than a soft stool getting caught in the Coton hair. I call this a Coton blow out. I started out with the small pucks and now buy both the large  raw patties and the small pucks. I recently purchased the RAW DAILY BOOST freeze dried raw Powder Supplement. This is product is amazing. I take a tablespoon and pour it over the dry kibble. It sticks to the kibble and my dogs are crunching away happily. They eat this in the morning and then in the afternoon I give them one puck each and then in the evening I am give them raw again. But I cut a big patty into six small pieces put it on a plate and cut some frozen green beans and carrots over top that is what their dinner. I should add that I give them mostly green beans and only a few pieces of carrot. The green beans are very good VITAMIN B but also are known for reducing tear staining. A good treat in itself for you dog is a few frozen green beans.
There are many raw diets out there... this is the one that I have chosen to make the transition with and  I intend to try some others... in the coming months. I should add that my dogs like chicken so that is the flavor that I am consistent with. To learn more about Nature's Variety product line you can go here.

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