Wednesday, February 8, 2012

**New - Grooming and caring for your Coton de Tulear

 As the moderator of the Coton de Tulear Facebook Group for four years now and also of this blog I can assure you that questions around grooming come up over and over again. Everyone wants to know the secret to maintaining a beautiful Coton. For the dedicated select few who show their Cotons globally it is common knowledge that we all have a collection of brushes and products that would be shocking to the owner of a short haired breed. I often hear from companion owners who are frustrated because they don't know what they are doing wrong. They often express they do not have the knowledge base to know what to do when they run into grooming challenges. This is why it is so exciting to see a new educational tool on "Grooming and Caring for your Coton de Tulear."

This book has been written in a joint partnership that brings Brigitte Jespersen  one of the world's leading breeders of the Coton De Tulear together with Helle Sydendal a journalist who also happens to own two Coton De Tulears.Together they poured their passion for this beautiful breed into a easy to read book that I expect will be purchased by Coton owners all over the world and perhaps by owners of other long hair breeds as well. 

I would also like to add that 
Brigitte Jespersen of Kennel Jespersen is also known as one of the most successful breeders in the showring - among her many other titles, she is twice a World Champion. Here is a beautiful photo of FlamenCoton Bahiya Junior World Champion 2009 and then World Champion in 2010. From my perspective she is as stunning as they come. 

Both of these ladies can be found on Facebook if you would like to add them as a friend. Just click on their names Brigitte Jesperson and Helle Sydendal to go to their Facebook pages.The book can be ordered online through paypal by visiting their website And don't forget to "LIKE" their Coton Grooming Facebook Fan Page if you find this information helpful

I would love to hear feed back from you once you have received your copy. Have fun reading.. best of luck to Brigitte and Helle on the success of your new venture and congratulation on the printing of your, shall I say....first book. 

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