Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spectrum TEN Hypro Pac by Chris Christensen

Love this product! ♥
I few months ago at a dog show I had the opportunity to take advantage of a promotional offer offered by Chris Christensen systems that gave the purchaser two bottle of shampoo and this Spectrum Ten Hypo Pac. I had not used either the following shampoo or conditioner before but was eager to give them a try. I found them to be very effective and that resulted in me having a WINNING weekend taking home points on two of my dogs. Can't get much better than that. Since then I have to say they are right up their for me in my top five favorites

Spectrum Ten Shampoo for Soft & Smooth Coats
Gently cleanses and shines for a beautiful flowing coat

Spectrum Ten Conditioner for Soft & Smooth Coats
Ultra-smoothing, humidity-fighting lightweight conditioner

Spectrum Ten Hypro Pac Intensive Treatment...

Spectrum Ten Hypro Pac Intensive Treatment provides the ultimate in conditioning for dry, brittle, damaged coats.  However, while it is an ideal deep treatment for soft, fine coats, it is also wonderful on all coat types.  It delivers deep moisturizing and conditioning components with the least amount of weight to any coat.  It is great on any mature dropped coat that is showing signs of weathering.  Yes, it softens, but that is the trade off for mega moisturizing.  It is also a terrific detangler, aiding in the breaking apart of the most discouraging mat balls, such as those that form behind the ears of Bichons Frises.  It can be used to demat on wet or dry coat, without leaving a greasy residue.  Work a dab of Hypro Pac into a serious mat and pick apart with a extra coarse comb.  To learn more about the the shampoo conditioner and Spectrum Ten Hypro Pac see more here 

I buy mine locally here in BC from Just Gifted

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