Thursday, March 8, 2012

Polana Kitasoo Spirit Bear

Kitasoo also know as "Kitti" arrived home from Nova Scotia in April 2009. She comes from one of Canada's finest breeders Marie France Prayal's Polana Kennel. I spent a week in Nova Scotia to take in all of the beauty of that Province and truly enjoyed meeting with Marie France Prayal. Kitasoo has without a doubt the most gentle spirited nature that you can possibly have in a Coton. My husband has taken ownership over her...she is his favorite and I can say she is usually in his lap watching tv at night. In the picture you see her sitting..I call it her 'freeze bear" because she will sit like that for the longest time. She lets me know she wants something by sitting like this beside me and raising her ears straight out. I call this her helicopter ears I almost expect her to fly. She is very precious and everyone who meets her immediately loves her loving nature. If you have seen a man in the grocery store with a little white dog in the child's seat that probably is my husband. It is amazing to me that they never say anything.. oh dear!! 

And just so that you can capture the energy of an adult Coton and a Coton puppy here is Kitasoo playing outside the summer of 2009 shortly after she came to live with us. Kitasoo "Kitty" always wins!! This was her toy lobster she brought home from Halifax!


Antonia Rosina said...
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Antonia Rosina said...

I love Kitti and all your Cotons. Kitti is especially sweet and was so wonderful in nurturing Nisga's babies. xxx