Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lil Snow Drop and Hopecrest Highfield Chieftan puppies July 15, 2013

Spirit Bear Nika (boy) Spirit Bear Pride of Chieftan (boy) Spirit Bear Nikita ( girl)

Look how the puppies have grown from my last photo of them that I posted in May.
The puppies are full of energy now and doing very well at doing their business outside. Hurray! Soon they will be going to their new forever homes. Two are scheduled for show homes and Spirit Bear Nika has only recently been announced as available. So I expect he will find a new home soon. Pride will be going to a show home in Saskatchewan and Nikita is going to a show home in West Virginia. I am very pleased with these puppies, their personalities are equally as impressive as their beauty. Coton de Tulear's love attention  and when you have puppies in the house the days are full of laughter from watching their playful antics. 

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