Wednesday, April 2, 2014

re: Spirit Bear Puppies ♥♥♥

Puppies available.
Top left Nadira girl / SOLD
Top right Kimi boy / SOLD
Bottom left and middle Kiki girl / SOLD
Bottom right Kika girl / SOLD
email me at

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spirit Bear Kiki surprises me with a new trick.. got to watch it to believe it!

Spirit Bear Kiki has figured out how to jump out of her pen! So Kiki is the escape artist, I have never had a puppy escape before from her pen. LOL. But yesterday her latest trick really caught me by surprise...check this out !
I do not encourage this so now I do not put her in the pen at all and she does not eat in there either. 
My new name for her Kiki the Kangaroo!

re: Calm sweet Nadira, (sold)

This video will show you the calm personality of Nadira. 
Not all dogs will allow you to lay them on their back and be pet. 
She loves it. Loves to be cuddles and is looking for a forever home. 
Contact me at